The Golf Master 2001 Series software has been developed by Bogey Free Software professionals who specialize in business and data modelling and object oriented technologies.

In simple terms this means the product has been built in accordance with industry standards using robust reliable tools to produce a high quality result. The main design feature focus has been on ease of use so you can effectively apply your time and investment in the software.

Our Senior Business Analyst is not only a data design expert he is also a golf industry expert. He has numerous years experience with tournament play and administration and has completed a nationally recognised Professional Golf Management Certificate program with honours.

Our development team members are highly skilled practitioners of industry wide software development methods and quality management. The Golf Master 2001 series software has been built using object oriented technology and is based upon a relational database technology used by many of the nations largest companies.

Inteletech Systems Ltd. was founded in British Columbia, Canada in 1980 and is the parent company of Bogey Free Software. Inteletech Systems was a principle shareholder in Stellar Systems Group Ltd., a large consulting firm in British Columbia which was acquired in 1998 by EDS – a multi-billion dollar multi-national company based in Plano, Texas.


“The Golf Master Software does not require an "expert" level of computer knowledge since the Manual is well written and easy to follow.”
by Betty Newton, Tournament Assistant Cedar Hill Golf Club