Vancouver Island Entrepreneur Develops New Tournament Software

The Island Golfer Volume 7 Issue 7 September 2004 page 20.

Anyone who has had the opportunity to run a golf tournament knows the value of having a good scoring system in place to keep players and officials up to date as well as prepare reports quickly once the tournament is over. For players waiting to see if they have won a price, the time between the end of a tournament and the prize presentation can seem like an eternity but in fact it is not nearly that long. It is at this time that the value of a quick and accurate scoring program is essential.

If you are thinking of buying some type of tournament management software you might want to look at a product a Victoria based entrepreneur has come up with. John Davis has developed a product called Golf Master 2001. Developed and distributed by BogeyFree Software, Golf Master 2001 is currently being used by a number of courses in British Columbia and by many of the British Columbia Golf Association (BCGA) Junior Chairs for managing junior tournaments around the province. The BCGA Zone 5 tournaments are all run with the aid of this product, as are a number of other tournaments such as the Cedar Hill Open, the Cowichan Open and the Storey Creek Men’s Amateur.

Betty Newton, who helped run this year’s Cedar Hill Open, had high praise for the software and was particularly pleased with the speed with which she was able to post the final results. Not only were the results tabulated quickly and accurately – including the professional flight, but the skins and deuce pot results were immediately available.

BogeyFree Software has specialized in developing golf tournament software. The initial release of the product came in 2000 and was primarily designed to serve the needs of the BCGA Zone 5 tournament chairman. The Zone was looking for a cost effective, reliable and easy to use solution to replace the spreadsheet approach that was in place at the time. That year Golf Master 2001 was developed and delivered to the Zone. One of the early users was Junior Chairman George Faithfull who needed a product for the various junior events in the Zone. Over the first year or two George worked with John Davis to produce a solution that met all his tournament needs. From that point additional features were added to address more complex tournaments, team events and various company events in which non-golfers would participate with more competitive golfers.

Golf Master 2001 is delivered in two series. The “Club” series is intended for stroke play competition and is capable of supporting most multi round, multi course stroke play events. It provides numerous reports and is the product commonly used by the various Zone junior events. The “Pro” series delivers all the features and functionality of the “Club” series plus the ability to run team events. It also provides additional reporting both for stroke play and team events.

The design of the product has addressed three major items:

Minimum key strokes – to reduce spelling and other entry errors.
Ease of use – follows logical tournament steps.
Speed – production of tournament results as quickly as possible after the final scores are returned.
These concepts are attained through the implementation of a perpetual player database, drag-n-drop functionality and consistent design standards throughout.

The sample screen shows the “one click” registration into an event. The player base registry list window displays every player in the database. To register a player into the event, simply select the player in the player list and the “Register Player” button.

Reports that are created by the system can be previewed on-line prior to printing and can also be saved to an Excel spreadsheet or an HTML file for posting to a web site.

BogeyFree Software has a very comprehensive website with complete information including all the product features, screen layouts and a complete on-line user’s guide. If you are interested you can take a look at or contact John Davis by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Reproduced from the September 2004 issue of The Island Golfer.